We have the knowledge and the advanced technology to help you market your products and services.

01. Marketing

Digital marketing and growth hacking are new avenues of marketing. Tools and channels have evolved but the goal is the same, understand your clients products and services branding and help them sell them with our knowledge, technology and databases.


02. Web design

Our web designers are very creative and understand branding and focus on user experience (UX), speed, mobility and functionality.


03. Programming

Programming is in our DNA as we started building software in the 90's. From Ecommerce, to CRM, ERP and custom applications, tell us what you need we will build it.


Reasons Why You Should Choose our company

We are a second generation family business since 1995 with proven results.

We know marketing, we combine our knowledge with the latest web technologies and all our web projects are custom made by our creative team. We have also our own programmers and network operation center.

Top Customer

What our clients  are saying about us

Some of our clients are with us for more than 15 years.

Moena Lehartel
Moena Lehartel Imporlux - Inflight Duty Free

Hello The Quick Social TEAM! Thank you for the amazing and fast communication work you have brought up for our IMPORLUX Website. From the middle of the PACIFIC OCEAN, in Tahiti, we have found a great and professional team to work and collaborate with, even within the time differences, it was an easy on going communication service. Also thank you very much for the help and support! Warmest regards.

Kim Greenzweig
Kim Greenzweig Northwest Surveying, Inc.

Quick Social has been a lifesaver for us. Our firm was in dire need for a website that pops. Quick Social was eager to fulfill our needs with a super helpful staff, a creative web team and wonderful tech support. I would definitely recommend Quick Social to any company that wishes to be seen on the internet.

 Mohammed Faiyaz
Mohammed Faiyaz Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc.

We were approached by QuickSocial in 2016 to upgrade our dated flash-based website. I was extremely impressed by the high level of service and attention the QuickSocial Team provided during our website development. The entire team was very responsive to our needs. We are currently using Quick Social to manage and host our website and also using their technical department for development of specialized web-based software platform for document management and reporting. Thank you QuickSocial Team!

Ilja Isakow
Ilja Isakow Nanteos Capital co-founder

We were very happy with your services – everything was great, from start to finish. We were extremely satisfied with the services provided, very efficient, fast, quick response times & amazing support from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for a more professional and personalized service.

Jon Hills
Jon Hills Owner

Quick Social are experts in systems design, and have always impressed me with their capabilities. They designed our website skin and it is good but most importantly for me, my business, my clients and employees is that they developed an entire management system on the back end to run our business. This was not an easy task, with many moving parts. I can say confidently with the many interactions over the years, that Alex is a top notch designer and programmer.

Looking For The Best Quality / Price For 

A Professional Website?


Affordable straightforward Pricing 

you want straightforward answers about how much everything is going to cost.
You will know your total cost for your project before we start the work.

       One time        


Website package
  • Microsoft .NET CMS
  • unlimited pages & users
  • Banner module / 1 custom banner
  • All-in-one custom responsive theme
  • Custom contact form
  • Google map
  • Home page call to action
  • Up to 6 pages content transfer
  • 1 hour CMS training
  • 2 months free hosting
  • Project timeline: 3 days
  • Bonus 500 leads


Website package
  • Microsoft .NET CMS
  • unlimited pages & users
  • 3D Banner module / 2 custom banners
  • All-in-one custom responsive theme
  • Multi-media marketing blog engine
  • Custom contact form
  • Website calls to action
  • B2B-B2C shopping cart
  • up to 10 pages of content transfer
  • 2 hour CMS & ecommerce training
  • 3 months free hosting
  • Project timeline: 7 days
  • Bonus 1000 leads
One time


Website & marketing package
  • Multi-portals Microsoft.NET CMS
  • unlimited pages & users
  • 3D Banner module / 3 custom banners
  • All-in-one custom responsive theme
  • Multi-media marketing blog engine
  • Custom contact form
  • Website calls to action
  • B2B-B2C shopping cart with stocks and vendor monit.
  • Custom CRM
  • Up to 15 pages of content transfer
  • 3 hour CMS, CRM & ecommerce training
  • 4 months free hosting
  • Project timeline: 10 days
  • Bonus 2000 leads

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